mTraction Survey Platform
Go Beyond Collecting Feedbacks

mTraction Online Survey Platform is a Low Energy Solution with minimal clicks. We offer a wide range of features like Fraud Detection, Question Branching, Enhanced Data Security covering PII, IM8, and OWASP compliances. The backend of the mTraction Survey Platform utilizes Google Data Studio for in-depth analysis. We emphasize Industry 4.0 Solutions to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

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Why mTraction Survey Platform ?

We are passionate about helping our clients succeed

AI Driven
AI Powered Surveys
Fraud Detection & Prevention
Low Energy Solution
User Engagement Capabilities
Support Multilingual Survey
Get Incentives & Rewards
Easy Partner Integrations
10x Faster Real Time Data Insights
Mobile-First Survey Design

mTraction Survey Platform Features

Powerful tailored enterprise-class features help turn feedback into actionable insights


Advance Question Branching

GovTech Survey Platform promotes branching features that allow you to create a filter to determine which questions are the relevant to your respective respondents. Participants will only see the questions you want them to see based on the answers provided by them.

  • Allows surveyors to customize the behaviour of their survey
  • Redirect users to separate sets of questions based on their response
  • Maximize the survey completion rate that leads to actionable results
  • Ensure proper functionality based on the logic and flow of your survey
  • Users can apply looping logic and iterate through single or multiple questions
  • Reduces survey completion time as users only see the questions relevant to them

AI-Powered Surveys

Our shrewd survey solution expands the data analysis capabilities with AI-enabled features that utilise Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technology. We at mTraction Enterprise help our clients to uncover dynamic data insights with minimal effort.

  • In-build AI-powered Conversational Assistant provides a new way to assemble data
  • Lets you analyze open-ended text responses from across channels
  • Get personalized survey recommendations to boost response rates
  • Eliminate unconscious human bias and process a wide range of data equally
  • Allows you to unlock O-data from diverse sources and cater to better insights
  • AI-enabled surveys help detect online survey fraud patterns or Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in the responses

Lower Energy Solutions

mTraction Low Energy Enterprise Survey Platform provides immediate responses on single touch. It enables easy availability of required data to users in no time. We help you enhance your business’s performance and eliminate the cost of manual operations.

  • Minimized scrolling to ensure a high level of interactivity
  • Reduce manual / physical efforts with automated systems
  • Seamless navigation by placing questions on a single page
  • Facilitate quick responses to queries based on predictive analysis
  • Information stored in a structured format to access data in no-time
  • Automated keyboard for numeric, email, alphabet, etc that optimises keywords while entering data
online survey tool for businesses

Want to collect deep data insights about your business?

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Support Multilingual Survey

Our Online Survey Software Platform provides you with over 100 languages to choose from and creates a multilingual survey so you can capture exponentially better responses using the most spoken dialect in the target market.

  • Supports more than 100 languages to create a survey
  • Allows surveyors to create multilingual surveys at a time
  • Tap into marketplaces that expand beyond domestic borders
  • Facilitates easy management of all translations and data in one place
  • Receive better response as per the most spoken dialect in the target market
  • Offer audience a better survey experience that directly influence the data you collect

Real-Time Data Visualization

Generate real-time reports with charts as soon as your survey is launched. These interactive reports display the general distribution statistics at the top and then a chart for each question. The mtraction real-time online survey platform provides easy to understand data visualizations.

  • Generate real-time reports that show general distribution statistics
  • Study trends in real-time and revamp your research or marketing plans
  • Helps you to take the right measures to ensure high rates of survey completion
  • Real-time data insights enable new and more effective customer experiences
  • Quickly detect and address operational issues to reduce production downtime
  • Get 10x faster real-time data insights and increase business agility and optimization

Robust Data Security

All your data is secure with GovTech/ENTP Security features which includes data encryption, continuous network monitoring, Single Sign On (SSO), etc. We aim to protect users’ data against illegal attempts and provide remediation recommendations at the right time.

  • Data encryption using industry-standard encryption algorithms
  • Includes a robust set of enterprise-grade security features
  • Free from any third party infiltration and ensure safe data transactions
  • Deployed strict security protocols to mitigate the risks of a data breach
  • Ensure that collected data transmits over a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Collected information meets data compliance mandates. (IM8, PII, PDPA, OWASP).

Gamification & Leaderboard

Gamification & Leaderboard helps enhance psychological (user experience, emotion, fun) and behavioral (participation, performance) outcomes of respondents that further provide retargeting capabilities to ensure survey completion.

  • Potential to donate points and earn additional incentives
  • Allow easy execution of multiple surveys at one point in time
  • Enhance respondents’ psychological and behavioural outcomes
  • Make reviewing and buying your products more fun for your clients
  • Leaderboards to show the number of users who have taken the survey
  • Improve retargeting capabilities to help you speed-up the buying journey

Detailed Analytics

Get all the major and minor details handy at once place

AI Driven

Fraud Status Distribution

9 patent filed on Fraud Detection


Total Responses

Detailed graphics on the responses

Faster Dev

Demographic Distribution

By age, region, or other analytical units


Survey Completion Time

Real-time stats on survey parameters.


Participant Status

Survey completion status


Language Preference

Multi-lingual support

Effective Cross-Channel Marketing to Re-Engage with Users

Call-back your customers with effective multi-channel marketing

mobile testing

App Notifications

Rich and personalized browser push notifications that drive action

web testing

On-Site Notifications

Hold users on your website with personalized offers in rich notifications

mobile testing

Social Messaging

Send updates and offers to start a conversation on all popular chat apps

web testing

Paid Advertisement

Re-target consumers across paid social or programmatic channels

mobile testing

SMS Marketing

Send personalized offers and transactions updates over SMS easily

web testing

In-App Messaging

Drive interactions with personalized recommendations inside.

Plug & Play Technology Deployment

We work with enterprise-grade platforms

technologies technologies

Omni-Channel Marketing at Every Level of Survey

Create delightful customer experience with cross-channel marketings



  • Target audiences from various digital platforms via programmatic channels.
  • Focus on email marketing to build brand loyalty and increase user engagement over time.
  • Run advertising campaigns to target almost every internet user on a global scale.


  • Actively engage with users using push notification and other remarketing channels.
  • Gamification promotes participant’s engagements and rate of survey completion.
  • Allow participants to view incentive sources which are near to them.


  • Participants who have completed the survey can get referral rewards.
  • Completing the Survey in one-go will get incentives via automatic incentive mechanism.
  • Invited participants who complete the referred survey can also earn additional reward.

Get Actionable Insights for Your Survey Campaigns Across Channels

Use qualitative data to make informed business decision

mobile testing

Target With Better Precision

Get more accurate results for your campaigns by using specific insights derived for behavioral segments and cohorts

web testing

Quickly Identify Trends

Be the first one to spot important correlations hidden in piles of data. Rely on our trend reports to influence your product strategy

mobile testing

Personalize Your Services

Improve the engagement of your App by identifying the most valuable users and reach out to them using personalized messages

web testing

Drive Greater Conversions

Make intelligent decisions by narrowing down on those events which will most likely lead to easy conversions

mobile testing

KPI-Based Optimization

Leverage on our tailor-made services to suit your marketing efforts. Use of Custom Cohorts to optimize your campaigns based on predefined KPIs

web testing

Map User Behaviour

Map users by understanding in-app usage behaviour. Starting from activity details to survey completion history, keep track of everything

mTraction Survey Platform Has Created A Buzz Across Businesses

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Choose Your Plan

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POC Plan

(3 Months Trial)

Upto 1000 Response Submissions/Survey

1 Admin User

Only English Language

1 Survey

Up to 15 Questions

1 Dashboard/Survey, Standard Analytics

PDPA Compliance, PII Protection

Whitelabelled, SaaS Model Deployment

Standard SLA & Standard Support

No Multi-versioning /Survey

No Fraud Detection

Growth Plan

(3 Months Trial)

Upto 10,000 Response Submissions/Survey

Upto 5 Admin Users

Upto 2 Languages

Upto 5 Surveys

Unlimited Questions

1 Dashboard/Survey, Customized Analytics

PDPA Compliance, PII Protection

Whitelabelled, SaaS Model Deployment

Standard SLA & Standard Support

Multi-versioning /Survey

Fraud Detection

Enterprise Plan

(3 Months Trial)

Upto 30,000 Response Submissions/Survey

Upto 20 Admin Users

Upto 5 Languages

Upto 20 Surveys

Unlimited Questions

1 Dashboard/Survey, Customized Analytics

PDPA Compliance, PII Protection

Whitelabelled, SaaS Model Deployment

Premium SLA & Premium Support

Multi-versioning /Survey

Fraud Detection

mTraction Survey Platform Integrations

Advance tech stack are well integrated


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is mTraction Survey Platform ? Can I try the mTraction Survey Platform before I buy it ?

Absolutely! You can book a demo session to experience the features of the mTraction Survey Platform. If you find that the platform meets your expectations and fulfils your requirements, you can opt for suitable premium plans.

Also we can schedule a customized demo session with our technical architect and consulting team to address your granular queries, drop a note on or fill your details at

Where do the respondents come from ?

It depends upon the industry type. The respondents for different industries differ in accordance to the survey conducted. For example: Suppose a Singapore banking institute runs a survey to understand the banking experience of its customer. In that case, the respondents will be the end-users who have previously taken the services from Singapore banking institutions.

Moreover, to cater to diverse research and data gathering needs, the mTraction Survey Platform caters low energy survey journeys with it’s gamification feature.

Why should we choose the mTraction Survey Platform ?

mTraction Survey Platform offers a wide range of features that helps businesses make effective decisions based on the data collected from respondents. Some of the key features of mTraction Survey Platform are listed below:

  • Mobile-First Survey Design
  • Low Energy Solution
  • AI-Driven Data Analytics
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention
  • Legacy Systems Integration
  • Advanced Question Branching
  • User Engagement Capabilities
  • Get Incentives & Rewards
Does the Platform support Omni-Channel Marketing ?

Yes, mTraction Survey platform has re-targeting capabilities that target audiences via programmatic channels and digital platforms like mobile, web, and social media. Moreover, it focuses on email marketing and runs advertising campaigns to target huge audiences in one go. Hereby the omnichannel marketing at Pre-Survey, During-Survey, and Post-Survey levels are one of the unique USPs of the mTraction Survey Platform.

What security measures have been taken to ensure data protection ?

We provide data protection with GovTech/ENTP Security features, including Single Sign-On (SSO), end-to-end data encryption, and regular network monitoring. Also, the integrated data meets the IM8, PDPA, and OWASP compliance mandates. The mTraction Survey Platform is free from third-party penetration and ensures secure data transmission.

Can surveyors get the survey customization option ?

mTraction Survey Platforms supports the Advance Question Branching feature, allowing surveyors to customize their survey behaviour. It redirects users to a different set of questions as per their responses. Surveyors can apply looping logic and see the relevant questions based on their previous answers.

How secure is the mTraction Survey Platform ?

We follow the industry standard security measures and ensure the confidentiality of data on servers. On mTraction Survey Platform SSL is implemented to encrypt data transmitted between the web server and the respondent's system. The mtraction Survey Platform includes:

  • A robust set of enterprise-grade security features
  • Standard security protocols to avoid the risks of a data breach
  • Data compliance mandates like IM8, PII, PDPA, OWASP
  • Free from any third party infiltration and ensure safe data transactions
Does it support multiple languages for non-english-speaking audiences?

Yes, mTraction Survey Platform is a multilingual platform that supports more than 100 languages (both regional and international) allowing the audience to choose their preferred language while taking the surveys. Some of the languages which mTraction Survey Platform supports are English, Malay, Tamil, Chinese,etc.

What type of third party integrations are possible in the mTraction Survey Platform ?

Our low energy survey platform can be well integrated with the prominent platforms like Facebook, Twilio, SendGrid, Vizury, Mooments, Google Maps, Faas, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Metabase.

Does the mTraction Survey Platform support data analysis capabilities ?

Our versatile survey platform supports data analysis features with the implementation of AI. We use advanced technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to let our clients unlock dynamic data insights without any glitch.

Can I get real-time data insights on the survey participation ?

Yes, our automated survey platform generates real-time reports in the form of charts and statistics right after the launch of your survey. The platform lets you study trends in real-time, immediate detection and resolving the operational issues that ultimately increase your business operations.

What kind of post-deployment support mE Survey Platform Offers ?

mE Survey Platform provides extensive support like:

  • Communication Support - Email and Phone Calls
  • Product Support - Troubleshooting & fixing any issues
  • Generate Personalised Reports
  • Extended Support for new Browser and OS versions
Can I host the platform on my own cloud ?

Yes, our platform is flexible to be hosted on any Cloud platform or On Premise environment.

What is incentivisation ? How mTraction Survey Platform enables Incentivisation ?

When a user completes the online survey, he earns some loyalty points which can be redeemed on incentive partner websites.

mTraction Survey Platform benefits respondents with earning rewards, points, incentives etc as part of the platform's loyalty program. For example: We have enabled incentivisation through Mooments, EZ Link, Grab etc for some of our Gov-tech clients based in Singapore.

Is there any limit to the number of surveys I can configure ?

The mTraction Survey platform has the ability to configure multiple surveys. There is no hard limit to the number of surveys.

Can I export the data collected from the surveys ?

Yes, all the data collected by the platform can be exported in the form of Excel and CSV files with capabilities to filter the data before downloading.

What are the channels through which the users can respond to a survey?

The survey application is a responsive application which can be integrated with websites and mobile applications.

Can I configure the surveys on my own ?

Yes, you can. There are multiple interfaces by which the survey can be configured i.e via admin interface or excel file. We are frequently improving our platform to have great user experience and more configuration mechanisms can be implemented if required.