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We offer industry best React Native app development services with a pool of experienced developers who leverage user-centric design methodologies and robust features of the React Native framework to build high-functionality React Native apps that deliver unmatched business growth

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Enterprises that Trust Us to Solve Business Challenges & Deliver Stunning Success

Leading brands across multiple industry verticals have chosen our React Native app development services for high-quality React Native mobile applications that ensure multi-platform presence, better market recognition & higher business revenue

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Our Range of React Native App Development Services

We are an innovative React Native app development company that develops high-performing cross-platform React Native apps with the look & feel of native apps. Our pool of React Native experts cover everything from conceptualization to monetization to deliver the perfect app solution for your business.


React Native App UI/UX

Our dedicated team of UI/UX designers & React Native app developers create word-class mobile apps with cross-platform designs and seamless UI on iOS, Android and Web for clients globally. Apps built with react native engage more consumers through improved user experience & app performance.


Custom React Native App Development

Our React Native app development team has the rich industry experience & technical expertise to understand your unique business needs and turn app ideas into top-quality React Native mobile applications with easy-to-use, interactive and intuitive interfaces.


React Native App Integration

We excel in integrating independently designed React Native mobile applications to advanced technology platforms with the smooth merging of data and workflows, ensuring a hassle-free experience & consistency across different platforms.


React Native App Testing

Our React Native mobile applications testing team makes sure your newly developed React Native apps are bug-free and deliver consistent & quality experiences devoid of any downtime for every customer on every device across the world.


React Native App Maintenance

We offer React Native app maintenance & support services that adhere to the highest security & industry standards and provide prompt guidance to help keep your enterprise mobility solutions competitive, robust, secure and up-to-date.


Enterprise React Native Development Services

React Native framework is the most favourable for enterprise mobile app development as it provides platform-specific designs & improves productivity. Our enterprise React Native mobile app development services help simplify workflows, engage employees and give a competitive advantage.

Our React Native App Development Portfolio & Case-Studies

We're a preferred React Native app development agency for startups, SMEs and giant organizations across the globe. Below are a few of the several robust, scalable & secure React Native mobile applications we have delivered in recent years


Client Appreciation

Impressed by the technical know-how of the team & they have a very quick communication turnaround time. Affle was extremely professional, communicative, and their work significantly helped increase business. We'd highly recommend Affle Enterprise.

- Sudhir Syal

Chief Executive Officer


Client Appreciation

mTraction Enterprise launched our platform within the scheduled timeline, ensuring a very positive experience for its end-users and also helped to acquire more. They led a responsive and process-oriented approach with a technical understanding of various aspects.

- Rohit Reddy P

EA to Chairman


Client Appreciation

Thanks to mTraction Enterprise, we were able to develop the MVP in a timely manner which was a major accomplishment considering the global pandemic. Due to the high quality of the project, we’ve been able to form a partnership with the government to become their digital asset remittance provider for government services.

- Melvin Dickinson



Client Appreciation

Affle mE has a team of great designers having the capability to understand what we were looking to do from the beginning. Their team went above and beyond, which kept us on the project long term. They understand customer service and client centricity. The only reason we stayed with Affle mE was their professional and zealous team members.

- Samantha



Client Appreciation

Affle Enterprise enabled the client to launch critical products on time, elevating them in the eyes of their many nationwide customers. Offering comprehensive support, the team's collaborative skill was flawless. Most of the tasks were completed on time and their development was largely error-free.

Rohit Sharma

Head of VAS App Development


Client Appreciation

Affle Enterprise is equipped with highly qualified tech-enthusiasts with the ability to meet deadlines. The team has excellent command over the latest technologies to convert the client's vision into a productive business solution. They take active participation throughout the project development cycle and keep the client updated on every milestone achieved.

A Retail Startup

Chief Executive Officer


Client Appreciation

Affle Enterprise has a vested interest in supplying value to its clients. They have delivered high-performing and streamlined products to satisfaction. Supporting the collaboration with industry knowledge, the team has been attentive and managed the engagement well.

-Muneer Al Aradi,



Client Appreciation

Affle Enterprise successfully captured the vision of the client into a flawless end product in under a year. The team was innovative and possessed unique ideas. They were communicative and professional throughout the engagement. Overall, the partner was satisfied with the experience.

-Rishabh Mehra,

Managing Director & CEO


Client Appreciation

We found the right partner in Affle for our Self-serving App– My Spectra. Affle brought in a sense of commitment & made the project their own. Project planning, agile approach, and clear project objective made Affle a natural extension to our IT Team and to our purpose of #MakeLifeBetter

- Nitin Mehrotra,

Chief Operating Officer


Client Appreciation

They are very impressive and prompt to answer our concerns and queries. Thanks to the Affle Enterprise team that helped us build a platform with better communication between market buyers and sellers. They have a brilliant team of project managers that focuses on long-term relationships.

An Agricultural Commodities Marketplace

Associate Vice President of Product Management

React Native App Development

We are an industry-leading React Native app development company with a proven track record of employing state-of-the-art technologies to deliver top-notch React Native solutions to a global clientele. We harness the power of React Native frameworks to build next-gen cross-platform apps with the look & feel of native apps that address diverse business needs and offer unparalleled user engagement on iOS & Android platforms.

Our team of seasoned React Native app developers leverages their decade-long experience and the React Native framework’s native capabilities to create feature-rich, engaging, practical mobile solutions with intuitive UI and consistent UX on multiple platforms in record time.

We are Proud of Our Achievements

Over the past 17+ years, Affle mE has provided world-class custom React Native app development services to businesses ensuring unparalleled performance & results. The dedicated work of our React Native developers has fetched several awards & recognitions

Tools & Technologies We Use in React Native App Development Services

Developing future-proof React Native mobile applications needs state-of-the-art designs & technologies. We use cutting-edge tech & frameworks to build advanced React Native solutions with high functionalities, features and multi-platform capabilities


  • obectiveCObjective-C
  • javascriptJavaScript
  • swiftSwift
  • javaJava
  • kotlinKotlin


  • coredataCoredata
  • roomRoom
  • realmRealm
  • sqliteSqlite
  • reduxRedux


  • firebaseFirebase
  • alamofireAlamofire
  • ffmpegFFmpeg

Why Choose mTraction Enterprise to Create Your React Native Application?

We specialize in React Native mobile app development services to offer impactful solutions using the latest tech & market insights. We transform your ideas into beautiful apps that ensure ROI improvements, business growth & success

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60% Faster
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Smooth Deployment
Seamless Backend
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AI & ML Enablement
App designing
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Strict Adherence on SLA
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Serving Diverse Industries through Custom React Native App Development Services

Affle mE is a full-cycle react native app development company and has delivered hundreds of stunning React Native cross-platform mobile applications that yielded skyrocketing growth & revenue for businesses

Healthcare App Development
Real Estate App Development
Real Estate
Finance App Development
Education App Development
Entertainment App Development
Travel & Tourism App Development
Travel & Tourism
Wellness & Fitness App Development
Wellness and
Social Networking App Development
On-Demand App Development
Sports App Development
Sports & Play

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I want to keep my React Native mobile app idea confidential. Do you sign an NDA ? Who will own the React Native mobile application source code/Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) ?

The client will own the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the React Native mobile application developed by mTraction Enterprise. Once the application is developed, we will hand over the code to the client as per the agreement. We do not reuse the source code we have developed for our clients.

Which SDLC process does Affle mE follow while developing a React Native mobile application ?

We follow the Agile Methodology process for our React Native app development services. Some of the key steps of the development process are:

  • Brainstorming & Consultation
  • Scope of Work, Tech Stack & Architecture Discussion
  • Timeline & Cost Estimation
  • Project Kickoff & Resource Allocation
  • Project Analysis & FRD Signoff
  • Conceptualizing the UI & UX
  • Application Development
  • Quality Analysis & Testing
  • Code Deployment on Production Server
  • Read more about agile development- Methodology Increases Project Cost: Myth or Fact?
What are the different React Native app development models offered by Affle mE ?

Fixed Cost Projects – We analyze and then submit a fixed cost against the detailed scope of the project. The total cost will be divided into multiple milestones, and deliverables will be assigned against the same for you to map the React Native app development process.

Dedicated Resource Model – We provide dedicated onsite/offsite resources and the billing occurs monthly at a mutually decided cost. If required, we’d be open to deploying our project managers to oversee the development.

Which popular apps/platforms use React Native?

Industry leaders such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Skype, UberEats, Walmart, Salesforce, Tesla and Bloomberg have turned towards React Native framework for cross-platform React Native app development compatible with Android & iOS.

Do you build React Native MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for feasibility study and market feedback ?

Yes, we build React Native MVP & we always suggest our clients have a market launch of MVP before the extensive feature inclusions. It will help them to interact with early adopters and integrate user feedback. Post getting the confidence in the app idea, we go for a full-pace React Native application launch.

React Native vs native mobile apps - what’s the difference?

React Native is mainly written with JavaScript and is platform-independent. React Native is highly scalable and allows cross-platform app development for both iOS and Android platforms. Native app development technology, on the other hand, uses codes that are platform-specific. An app written to work on Apple’s iOS platform will not work on Google’s Android and vice versa.

How will you keep me updated on the progress of my React Native mobile app development project ?

Affle mE teams use Agile Methodology (Scrum or Kanban methodologies) for React Native app development services. If the project is greater than three months, accounts to our internal Kanban/Scrum interfaces can be provided for external monitoring to show total transparency in the project lifecycle. Also, we assign a dedicated Account Manager to your project who ensures all the details are communicated.

Do you provide support post-development of the React Native application ?

Yes, Affle mE provides maintenance activities to support your React Native application post-development. Our server & application maintenance services are based on different Application Maintenance Models that define Problem Resolution & Status Reporting Time, etc. We share the details of work done on a weekly/monthly basis.

How much does it generally cost to create react native apps from scratch ?

React Native mobile application development cost entirely depends on the functionality of the app. A very simple app could be developed for under US$10,000 and a complex one might cost even more than US$1,000,000.

Are you location-agnostic, or are your services limited to certain locations ?

Affle mTraction Enterprise is a global technology company providing React Native app development services worldwide. We have a local presence in 10+ countries out of which a significant team is available in Singapore (Headquarter), UAE, Indonesia, India (Gurgaon, Bangalore & Mumbai), Spain, North America, etc.

You may explore our locations on the Contact page.

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Have an awesome app idea & not sure how to get started ?

Our team has the rich industry experience to develop business-centric apps.

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