FMCG scan & go mobile app case study

Singapore-based Meat & Dairy Merchant






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Scan & Go App Development

Our client based in Singapore has hired mTraction Enterprise to develop iOS and Android application that offers multiple retailing and bulk-buying options for fresh meat and dairy products.

Team mE has created a feature-rich mobile app with advanced features like a product filter, integrating chatbot assistant, in-app chat, payment module integration, etc. The app also offers product search, scan capabilities, and easy management of the user’s shopping carts.

Based out of Singapore, our client started out as a homegrown merchant of fresh, quality meats and dairy products. They have introduced numerous innovative retail concepts including the first supermarket, multiple retailing and bulk buying to bring greater savings to their customers.

Our client wanted to leverage the technological advancements for their customers wherein customers can download their application (iOS and Android) while in-store, scan the products in the cart (via barcode) and make a payment from the app directly to avoid standing in the store queue for faster and hassle-free customer experience. 

The app offers: 

  • Multiple options for users to create an account via email or Facebook or Google account 
  • Product search & scan capabilities to add in the cart  
  • Easy managing of the user’s shopping cart in terms of product quantity and check total discount and amount to be paid

FMCG scan & go mobile app

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