Mobile Apps Are Transforming All Business Processes – Are We Ready?


Mobile app market has been flourishing since Apple launched its first smartphone just five years back. No wonder that 2014 looks to be an even bigger year for it. According to Flurry 2013 stats – “the market has an estimated annual revenue of $25 billion and is showing no signs of slowing down”. At the same time, fresh ideas, refined technology, cutting-edge tools and consummate developers are also contributing to the quick growth in the mobile industry.

Let’s Face It – the increasing number of smart phones and tablets have flooded app stores with apps in the last couple of years, and this trend is picking up speed. At the same time, the cost of building unique and business supporting apps is dropping off. With the costs reducing and capabilities increasing, mobile app business is booming and is expected to grow at a faster rate in the coming years. This rise of mobile apps is trend and it can’t be ignored because businesses using mobility is achieving new levels of success. As the apps that exist today and in the near future, have the potential for phased transformation of the organization.

With the demand to have a very responsive mobile application, organizations are revolutionizing their approach in order to sync with the best and unique design for mobile applications. And, as the use of smartphones continues to spread and to deliver a world-class apps and come up with the latest technologies and trends, companies especially marketers are required to adapt their approach to fit in with the new face of the mobile industry and closely analyze trends and market. Here are a few trends to keep an eye on:

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Mobile Apps Are Transforming All Business Processes – Are We Ready?

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