Enterprise AppsWorld, London 2015 : Success already


In 2008, an era of applications began which with the blink of an eye, turned into a whole new world within itself. Be it iOS, be it Android, or be it any other application software platform, the competitive war they fight shed tears of money and blood of fame. The concept of app became so hyped in 2010, it ended up getting itself listed as “Word of the year” in American Dialect Society. Today, applications have surrounded us from gaming to shopping, from technology to social networking, or may be from learning to exploring.

With an idea, comes the innovator and with apps, rises the app producer. In the series of similar acknowledgement, Enterprise AppsWorld was initiated in 2014 rewarding the techiest apps the reward they deserved along with a set of conferences set up in accordance with existing and new application development opportunities. The event is designed in a format of  two-day running hackathon where application developers compete for fun and prizes and companies find a huge platform for networking and developing business synergies. Co- hosted with Cloud Forum, this event was apparently a huge success with a turnout of 8000 attendees, 3000 visitors from enterprises and 300 speakers and 200 exhibitors and 70 countries in attendance. Along with its area of opportunities aired for established enterprises, it also became a wide platform of exposure for the start ups.

Its 2015, and Enterprise AppsWorld is all set to rise and shine again with a bigger success, a bigger range of attendees and exhibitors and also not to miss out on the part where the fun and excitement also gets bigger and better. With an estimate of a bigger attendance this year, this event is heading itself on the way of becoming the biggest event in London. The speakers for the event this year include Nick Francis (Director, Barclays Bank), Ashley George (Head of Innovation CoE, GSK), etc. expressing their opinions out and loud along with exhibitors like Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd., BCN, International New York Times, Salesforce, Etc. Considering the pace of pre-bookings for the event this year, the organising committee has already announced Enterprise AppsWorld 2016.

Enterprise AppsWorld was a supercool idea now transformed into super-high profit generating event (estimated to generate £2.7 billion in revenue, by 2018) for the organizers contributing significantly to the world of applications. Affle is a pre-eminent MAAS platform creating, innovating and promoting the next level applications to contribute its share in the application development going around in our world of technologies. Our team is 24*7 dedicated to research and development, creating and innovating the craziest and coolest applications (yes, coolest !! 24*7 !!).  We have successfully delivered 1450+ Apps for clients across 70+ countries in domains like healthcare, e-commerce, social network, entertainment, telecom, media, enterprise mobility, etc. We provide a platform nesting for both external as well as internal organisations in a company pushing them forward with new concepts of applications, small or big, new or old, to build network or brand, etc. The event is basically a hub for application developers and promoters and it is due to this reason that our team has developed an attraction to this particular event.

Well, we sure don’t know how who we might run into at the event will be but what we do know is that we will be there , this year marking our imprints in the innovative grounds of Enterprise Appsworld.

The market craves for innovation, and we are here to offer your hunger.

Enterprise AppsWorld, London 2015 : Success already

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