Our Mobile App Of the Month : JoGo


JoGo is not just a fitness app. It is an app that motivates you to stay fit, a concept that originated at NewU Health and Fitness Platform Pvt Ltd. We were pretty excited on hearing the app’s concept and the idea.
Healthcare and fitness apps are trending globally. But, does this imply that the number of fitness enthusiasts is also rising? If stats are to be believed then maybe not !
Of the 19 million Fitbit users only 9.5 million were found to be active in a report by DMR. You wouldn’t find much in terms of technology to motivate yourself to use fitness apps and devices regularly. So when we heard of JoGo’s concept from our client, we knew, it was the next step in the fitness domain.
It works on the simple formula of ’pain leads to rewards’. JoGo aims to instantly gratify you for your painstaking fitness routine. Thus aligning your routine and fitness goals .
JoGo’s target audience:
Ria is 18, fresh to college. She loves to shop and socialize but what Ria hates is exercising! What she hates more is not being able to fit into that cute dress she bought! Ria is not a fan of working out but Ria wants to stay fit. She has a tracking app on her phone to  track her calorie intake and consumption. Jogo is for Ria,  it helps her track her fitness regime and then rewards her adequately with discounts on shopping for having maintained her regime.

JoGo can be connected to any tracking app like Apple Health, Google Fit, Moves, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, FitBit, Jawbone, UP, Garmin on your device and it will take the data to translate it into reward points called ‘Sweet Sweats’. People like Ria can redeem their Sweet Sweats for material rewards like discount coupons for shopping online with merchants like FlipKart, SnapDeal, Amazon, Jabong, ShopClues, MakeMyTrip, PayTM, FirstCry, BabyOye, FabFurnish, Pepperfry, HealthKart, Foodpanda etc.

Arjun is a 30 something banker,a busy life has taken the better of his fitness needs.  He recently bought a Fitbit to track his daily activity. He thinks it’s a big hassle maintaining a diet, buying supplements, gathering equipment for exercise. This is time consuming and de-motivates one from being regular! Arjun needs motivation .

Jogo is to motivate people like Arjun. One can buy and access all kinds  fitness goods and services through the app in addition to all its other features. It keeps you motivated to stick to your routine and achieve your fitness goals fast. It also keeps a leader board to spur the competitive streak in you

The Logo:

Like all remarkable apps JoGo has a bright colored icon, with the initials of the New U pvt Ltd. placed on it as an identifier. Since there is a label that says JoGo anyway, the app can be spotted on the mobile desktops.
A very flat and minimalist approach has been kept in the design of the logo. As a user I love the mint green color.
The Sign Up: Easy as anything, the one tap sign in through Facebook and Google is a brilliant idea that apps have exploited these days, No need to fill in long details. Just a single tap and your details are imported from the valid id and app.

The Home Screen:

On tapping the logo you come to the first screen, the home screen. The icons are styled out as tiles. The left swipe and right swipe gestures have been used to access the various options under the headings. A heading saying recommendations and routines has been placed right above.
Another point that comes out on analyzing the UX is that the tracker and the i.e. the primary information has been kept above the fold , above everything else.
The familiar icons like the three stacks of the hamburger menu are placed on the usual side (extreme left corner) making the user feel at ease and intuitive of the next step.
On the expectancy test Jogo scores well. What all do you think can be clicked on the home screen?
My guess was the brightest icon called ‘Sweet Sweats’, the slider with click-able options, the menu icon and viola, they were the right guesses. JoGo scores full marks on the user expectancy.if only both the sliders could appear ‘above the fold’.
The red icon saying sweet sweats is very tap -able. By that I mean that even though it doesn’t seem like a button one would be tempted to touch the red icon. When one does a little pop up emerges from the bottom describing the ways you can increase the sweet sweats . Well executed, makes sure users remain engaged with the app.

The Navigation:

As said before the navigational icon , the hamburger menu, easily take you through the available pages and then puts them out for you to navigate through. A single tap , a smooth slide of the side bar, and you immediately recognize the functionalities available.
However, some labels may need a little explanation, for example; Connect App is not self explanatory, it connects JoGo with your favorite/active fitness app.
The rest of the options justify themselves pretty well.

The Support:

While there was no on-boarding tutorial, the app in itself is so simple to use and intuitive that it doesn’t need one. However,the help section is still provided, a curious user who wants the details to everything can click on the option and figure out the application inside out.
Under the help section there are FAQs listed to give an answer of all the probable questions. As a user I was really glad to find the question ‘ I am connected but not receiving data’ , because I faced that problem with most health apps I use.
Another wonderful feature: The sidebar menu. the debate between the menu on the top and the side bar, has been resolved, give the users the option of both.
As you go through help you find the several features that come under the help criteria listed out as, FAQS , Features and an About us. All three give you a crisp introduction to the features and the capabilities of the app.
The user interaction is seamless. The interface makes options accessible and findable.
The user behavior bit needs attention in terms of label and content. Minor issues that can be fixed on the go. The flawlessness of this app is in the execution of its concept. The sweet sweats reminder on the right hand corner helps the user stay absolutely motivated and on their toes.
This was the JoGo app. For more news on the in-house development, stay tuned to our newsletter.
Anything that you would like to add to this section can be mentioned in the comments.

Our Mobile App Of the Month : JoGo

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