Connecting Not Just People but Lives with Social Apps


Social media is our go-to connector for communication across the globe. But can we see social media? No. Can we see its impact? Hell, yeah. With mobility walking in, social apps have gone beyond the primary communication objective and stretched on to serve more needs.

According to GlobalWebIndex report, the average time spent by a user on social media per day is 1.72 hours i.e. 7.2% of their day. Also, about 300000 apps were added to Apple appstore in 2014. With the combination of the social apps created and the time spent on them by a user, we may conclude social apps are making it big out there. How? Know more about 4 of the coolest social app features :

1)’s personal: With the power of social media, life is just getting less complicated. Social apps such as Secret and Whisper allow you to share your secrets or confessions with your friends while you keep your anonymity intact. How does this happen? When you initiate a conversation anonymously, the content you share gets encrypted through servers. Since your phone is where the content was originally created, it is the only source that holds the key to decrypt the content again. Gone are the days of Facebook confession pages, we now have apps for our own private fun.

2) Not just poles apart but also poles within: The biggest conflict with social apps is if they are really making us compromise on our traditional methods of connecting with people. Well, here is the answer, No. If anything, social apps are connecting not just friends but people across territories who have been unaware of each other’s existence. Apps like Tinder and Meetup, are giving you the leverage to create and manage your social circle, which may make it larger or smaller but all at your own convenience using geolocation data.

3) Data-driven intelligence: What could social media possibly have to do with algorithms? Well, a lot. Tracking consumer trends and insights, algorithms are built to drive intelligence through social apps. Apps like Unmetric, which solely work on social media analytics are coming up to facilitate targeted social media campaigns. Could the offerings of the social apps be any more dynamic?

4) Mess with friends: Social media, if not anything, is definitely making bonds stronger through the most innovative ideas. Bubbly, for example, is a voice app that allows you to record, alter and share your voice notes with your friends in the funniest possible ways. Vine, a Twitter-based, brief video sharing app has managed to earn around 40 million users just by the ease of using the app and the fun it adds to your social circle. These feature-based apps are not just making their way into the industry but into our lives.

Social media revolves around connecting and media sharing but beyond the two lies the roadmap to innovation. It had already become a part and parcel of our lives, it is now becoming a reason for our jaw-struck smiles with these awesome features.

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Connecting Not Just People but Lives with Social Apps

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