How Digital Transformation Strategy will Impact the Hospitality Industry in 2022?


According to the World Economic Forum’s Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI), tourism and hospitality are expected to generate up to US$305 billion from 2016 to 2025. And like all industries, the tourism industry is implementing a digital transformation strategy to leave an indelible mark on all forms of tourism.

Gone are the days when one had to physically approach a travel agent and wait till he made the bookings — now it all happens online, and at a very fast pace. Travelers are picky about where they will travel and when; the digital transformation of hospitality not only allowed for this to happen but is also ensuring its sustenance.

Digital Transformation in Hospitality

How Digital Transformation Strategy will Impact the Hospitality Industry in 2022?

1. Remote Access will improve:

We are already living in an era where we can open our hotel rooms from the outside and can order room service without having to get out of bed. Thanks to digital transformation services! This scenario will surely change to some extent if the Internet of Things (IoT) gets integrated with the internal circuitry of a room, among other things.

remote access digital transformation strategy

So we may expect our room to be heated or cooled to just the perfect temperature at which we prefer them, even before we have entered it! The devices that can make this happen have already been created, one example is the Nest thermostat.

2. Data Science will Serve more Purposes:

Used in fields as diverse as tax fraud and weather forecasting, data science is sure to be a bigger part of the hospitality industry by 2020. We might find that we get personalized messages from hotels we are likely to choose – offering us discount coupons as well! – because of extremely accurate predictive modeling. This can radically change customer satisfaction as well as the user experience of travelers around the world.

3. AI Bots will Become more Important!

A reality in certain hotel chains already, AI chatbots for hospitality are more likely to play an important role in the coming years to do clerical work like changing or canceling reservations, verifying discount coupons, checking account balances, and more.
AI bots digital transformation strategy
There might even be actual robots who play the role of concierge, giving detailed information where it is pertinent, ensuring that your room is clean, that your stay at the hotel is smooth and more. In Japan, the Henn na Hotel already has robot concierges – and one of these robots is a dinosaur!

These are some of the ways in which digital transformation strategy might end up impacting the hospitality industries in the years to come. The predictions made above might just hit the mark completely, seeing as how they’re already nascent realities.

But technology teaches us that there is, even more, to learn and to achieve than we may believe at a certain time. So let’s wait and see where exactly we will end up after the digital transformation in hospitality! One thing is for sure: it’s bound to get even more convenient!

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How Digital Transformation Strategy will Impact the Hospitality Industry in 2022?

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