This article portrays the global gaming industry revolution and highlight some of the changes in this industry which will influence the industry in the years to come.. It’s has been exciting ride for all of us gamer (designers & developers), both casual and hard-core. Most of us always have a wish-list for how games should turn up in the future. Well, it’s hard to say if they will come true, but we might very well extrapolate from existing trends, which is the whole point of this article. Mobile devices have come too strong in terms of hardware and their compatibility. Most of the big gaming companies are focusing on mobile games rather than consoles. We’ll shortly discuss and examine recent statistics & developments and map them against the past, present & future of gaming, which will help us to understand it in an entirely new way.

Difference between traditional console gaming and newer mobile gaming

Console Gaming


This requires a gaming console like X-box or PS3 or Nintendo’s Wii which stands expensive and not every game lover can afford it. It is also required to setup the console with television for one to play.  Generally we prefer buying an individual game disk from game stores and pay almost 50 USD for new game disk. If we want to play with multiple players then we need to purchase a new controller or joystick for it. Console companies creates a new gaming console in every couple of years, so one has to be updated to the newer versions.

Mobile Gaming :


Moving towards mobile gaming we need not buy any different devices to play the favorite games. The one thing that is must is a smart phones and that’s all.  There is no requirement to setup your mobile with any network device or dongle to play games.

Hardware Revolution:

As we can see, these days mobile phones are not just means for communications. It’s a multi-tasking device and in terms of gaming it is really shaping the industry. A Mobile phone’s hardware now a days is much powerful then as compared to one from the 90’s or early 21st century’s. Devices powered with an Octa core processor can handle & render almost any high quality graphic. So companies like EA, Gameloft and Ubisoft are well aware of the latest hardware tech in the market and develop the games accordingly. They are releasing all their big titles on mobiles so that they can target a big user base that is always on mobile.

Changing Trends:

According to the survey NPD Group Research US is having the highest number of smartphone users in the world and hence for a big user base like US games are becoming more and more mobile.


 Revenue from mobile games is growing at a rapid pace,its size is increasing more in terms of the number costs and revenue generation. Earlier gaming companies targeted hardcore gamer and use to develop games falling in categories like FPS, RPG, Action and Arcade. But now they develop games for every genre of audiences. Some examples be like – Puzzles, Endless Running etc. It is seen that previously women ratio was very less, but because of easy & handy games, ratio of women gamer has also increased in due respect to time.


Freemium business models have redefined the marketplace. Now the players has a variety of games which are available for free, so players are now playing many games rather than sticking to one or two. While previously where the average time of a gamer was 13 hours per week, now it is 22 hours per week as research portrays.

It is delightful to know that the gaming industry is heading towards uncharted territories, exploring and pushing the limits. Gaming Technology is evolving in an amazingly rapid pace. Its massive success has even led the console makers to look beyond games and to incorporate social elements and integration with mobile devices enabling sharing of game videos through popular channels like Facebook, YouTube or Twitch, amongst other features.


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