Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry with Healthcare Mobile App Development

In this fast-paced era of modern life and stressful work culture, there has been a steady rise in lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, etc. This has put a lot of pressure on the healthcare infrastructure and services as it is becoming increasingly difficult to cater to the needs of the ever-growing demand side. To bridge this gap, innovative mobile technology stands a good chance of rescuing this overburdened sector. The growing popularity of healthcare apps is a stunning example of how mobile technology creates a bridge between healthcare and consumers. So to bridge the gap, healthcare mobile app development is required. The global mHealth business, including devices, services, and app markets, has recorded tremendous growth in the last few years. According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the mHealth business is expected to increase by 33.5 per cent annually from 2015-2020.

Are mobile healthcare apps a solution?

To be frank, the growing popularity of mHealth is no big wonder. This is because the app revolution in healthcare mobile app development has taken over the world. The inclusion of healthcare in its basket is the realization of mobile technology touching lives. Today, almost everybody has a smartphone, and they spend most of the day fiddling with it. Whether it’s about playing those addictive games on your phone, watching viral videos on Youtube, or checking your Twitter feed to follow the latest news, we lose track of time when we use our phones. Perhaps, it will be proper to point out that having easy and all-time access to all our favourite apps, games, music, news channels, etc., has made us a lazy generation. But what if we started to look at this problem differently? Why not use this technology to serve a productive purpose and make way for a healthier lifestyle?
That’s precisely where I would like to pitch the idea of mHealth apps or healthcare mobile app development that is all set to change the face of the healthcare industry by creating a ripple in our daily life. Isn’t it amazing to see how a simple app can help us stay fit by keeping track of our calorie intake, calories burned, and other essential activities? This is incredible when it comes to having easy access to instant medical or health advice without spending much time and effort. Such health apps can help us tune into healthier lifestyles and curb diseases. How’s that for a change?

What kind of market demand for healthcare mobile app development?

Nowadays, different healthcare apps are floating in the iOS and Android space. These healthcare apps cater to two kinds of end-users – (1) Medical Professionals and (2) General Consumers. Thus, the demand for these apps is being generated from both submarkets.
Various medical apps meet different requirements of the medical fraternity and even regular users. While comprehensive reference material apps like Epocrates, UpToDate, etc., help medical professionals and students to keep track of medical advancements & news, other apps like Doximity serve as a social networking platform for doctors. Moreover, apps like Medscape and Lybrate significantly assist medical professionals and regular users. With the evolution of these medical apps, getting a reliable medical opinion from a doctor is just a tap away.
On the other hand, general consumer-focused health apps are no exception to this evolution. Besides popular fitness apps like Google Fit, Runtastic, Pedometer, and others, a diverse range of exciting apps directly cast a significant impact on our daily habits. Today, we have an app that tells us – how to lose weight through a 7-minute workout, how many calories did you burn while walking to work in the morning, and even how to improve your sleep cycle, for that matter!

How good are the prospects for monetization?

Given the increasing importance of and demand for healthcare apps, there is ample scope to monetize this sector and accelerate the pace of this mHealth revolution. As per some recent reports, the value of global health touched almost $10.5 billion in 2014 and is expected to rise rapidly in the coming years.
Mobile technology is transforming the healthcare industry, and Affle has been one of the front-runners in this revolution. In the past few years, we have built some fantastic utility-based & user-friendly health apps for our clients. From making ‘daily fitness tracker’ apps to ‘specific health issues targeting’ apps, we have done it all across the iOS and Android platforms.
Our portfolio of healthcare apps demonstrates the true simplification of technology, touching lives towards nurturing a fitter & healthier generation. Some of our popular healthcare apps include- Tupelo, ExerciseDotMe, and Exerscribe, among others. These apps have been created with a strong focus on UI and UX to bring out the best experience for the users. Besides that, our apps provide great analytics to track your daily fitness progress.
To cater to the spurring market demand for better healthcare apps, mTraction enterprise is keen on exploring more opportunities in the mHealth segment. We see tremendous potential in monetizing this sector by making super-specialized healthcare apps that can cut across all barriers of time, cost & distance for the users. We want to push the idea of developing specialized apps for medical and healthcare professionals that can significantly enhance the global mHealth market.
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Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry with Healthcare Mobile App Development

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