Women Empowerment @ AppStudioz


On this 8th of March, we are proud to celebrate International Woman’s Day at AppStudioz. As an organization, AppStudioz has always been a staunch supporter of Women’s rights. As a woman-dominated HR team in the company, it’s a privilege for us and the company to work with strong women who continue to contribute to the success of AppStudioz.

It is a shame however, that some people with vested personal interests have tried to promote a false agenda as a black mailing tool to cover up for their fraudulent misconduct. There is a Facebook post being disseminated which tries to defame and harass our MD by circulating false accusations about inappropriate behavior and false facts with respect to Ms. Snigdha Singh.

Now there are some points we think you must be made aware to setup the context:

1) Singdha as per her own written declaration dated 6th Oct, 2014, confirmed that she was NOT an employee of AppStudioz from April 2014 as she had relocated to US on H4 visa which didn’t allow her to be employed in the company in any capacity.

2) Saurabh Singh was suspended from the role of MD of our company and a new MD was appointed in the first week of October 2014.

3) There was a Section 9 case filed in Delhi High Court by our company against Saurabh Singh and Snigdha Singh on 14th Oct, 2014 morning. The same afternoon, Snigdha Singh arrived in Delhi and trespassed into our office. By the time we learnt about her presence in our premises, her father CP Singh and brother Saurabh Singh had lodged their false police complaint against the newly appointed MD as a retaliation and black mailing tactic to extort funds and get relief on the court case initiated against them.

4) The corporate fraud case against Saurabh Singh and Snigdha Singh along with their cousin Peeyush Singh is an economic criminal offense of multiple crores (INR) for which FIRs are registered against them based on the order of the Noida District Courts & the matter is under investigation. The Delhi High Court related matter is under arbitration proceedings currently.


Further this attempt to make false Facebook posts are clearly in retaliation to pending criminal cases and FIR ordered by Noida district court against Saurabh & Snigdha. It is a shame that a father (in this case Mr. CP Singh) and a brother (in this case Mr. Saurabh Singh) are using the daughter (in this case Snigdha Singh) in their family to black mail and defame our new MD as a way to extort a relief against their fraudulent activities. They have also allegedly resorted to further crimes of forging documents and signatures on  documents in their attempts to build fake stories on their corporate fraud case which is pending arbitration proceedings in the honorable courts.

As an organization, AppStudioz has always been open to audit of any kind and requests for details of legal documents to support our statement of facts. As a transparent company, we welcome any inquires through proper channels as we have nothing to hide.

Such instances of mis-leveraging social media for malicious intents are the new form of corporate blackmailing which these parties are now resorting to. Being a company with strong credentials and work ethic, we will always promptly respond to all such rumours and false allegations with facts.

We would thus urge all our friends on social media to not give credence to such one-sided false stories by liking or sharing them and we would be happy to address all your queries on

Wishing you all, A Very Happy Woman’s Day…

From – AppStudioz HR team

Women Empowerment @ AppStudioz

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