WhatsApp claims 430m active users


Popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp claims to have surpassed 430 million active users.
Speaking at the DLD conference in Munich, Germany, the co-founder and CEO of the popular messaging service Jan Koum boasted of some impressive numbers. According to him, of its 430 million users, 30 million are new users and that some 50 billion messages are exchanged daily on WhatsApp platform. This makes WhatsApp one of the biggest rival to SMS.
Koum also revealed that the service has more users on Android than on any other platform.
Taking a dig at picture messaging service Snapchat and Tencent’s WeChat, he said that the company would not focus on things like disappearing photos and games.
He also reiterated that WhatsApp will continue to remain ad-free. “We just want to focus on messaging. If people want to play games there are plenty of other sites and also a lot of great companies building services around advertising,” Koum said at the conference. He mentioned that monetizing the service was not an important thing, at the moment, and that the company wants to make sure ‘WhatsApp has a service that works.’
He also assured that the service does not collect users’ personal information in any form.
Last month, WhatsApp had announced reaching 400 million active users milestone through its official blog.
Source: TimesOfIndia

WhatsApp claims 430m active users

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