An In-Depth Guide to Hiring React Native Developers


Today, mobile apps have become the most prominent tool to cater to the needs of millions of users. Whether you need immediate medical assistance or want to order your favorite cuisine, a mobile app does everything for you. This guide will talk about React Native App Development – the best way to turn your app idea into reality. Introduced by Facebook, React Native has created a unique identity in the mobile app market. 

This open-source platform has simplified the development of complex mobile applications with a wide range of features. Along with the rise of this react native app development market, the demand for react native developers has moderately increased. 

A qualified React Native developer knows all the dos and don’ts of cross-platform mobile app development. Also, they are well aware of both aspects, i.e., front-end and back-end functionalities. Without any further delays, let us uncover the factors you must consider when you hire react native developer

Responsibilities of a React Native Developer

Responsibilities of a React Native Developer

Adhering to coding guidelines is one of the primary responsibilities that we expect from react native developers for the seamless performance of the application. But, this is not the only duty to be done by the developers. Irrespective of relevant skills and experience, the organization should also look for the developer’s ability to create an engaging native-like user interface for Android and iOS platforms, adherence to the full-stack development process, potential to conduct performance checks, and unit testing to check the app’s functionality, etc.

Factors to Consider While Hiring a React Native Developer

Factors to Consider While Hiring a React Native Developer

Proficiency to Work with JavaScript

JavaScript (JS) is an integral language based on which React Native functions for developing a cross-platform mobile application. It is recommended to hire react native developers who must have the proficiency to work with JavaScript ES6, implement its features and enhancements. The domain experience and knowledge of JavaScript can make an interactive UI and structure the app at an infrastructural level. 

Competent to Work on Android and iOS Platforms

One of the significant benefits of the react-native framework is that it brings a single codebase for both iOS and Android platforms. You can hire react native app developers with an analytical mindset, practical exposure to native app-related complexities, and years of experience in serving varied mobile app requirements. You can go with a middle or senior-level developer with hands-on Swift, Android Studio, and Objective C to work on different platforms. 

Familiarity with React Native Concepts

This is one of the prerequisites to look for while hiring professional developers. Hire dedicated react native developers who must grasp the fundamental concepts, like JSX, component lifecycle, and Virtual DOM, which are the basics of React Native. Ensure that the shortlisted developer has a sound understanding of handling and customizing the react-native components. Possessing the basic knowledge beforehand will help them undergo a steady onboarding process.

Ability to Write Clean and Functional Codes

Clean code writing is the building block of the mobile app development process. While professional programmers are aware of writing clean code for the app, they also know how separate classes of codes interact with each other. Hire react native developers who must focus on adding minified source codes to the application, and it can only be accomplished by writing functional codes.

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Potential to Develop Native Features for an App

The common goal among any react native app development services provider is to deliver a unique user experience via customized widgets and UI. Such customization commonly includes system resource integration, platform-specific elements, and other software/hardware features that have become part and parcel of every app. The hiring agency should closely look at whether the applicant can handle an agile development process that provides native experience or not.

Perform a Standard Debugging and Testing Method

App testing and debugging are the recurring tasks during and post-launch of the app that requires exclusive attention. Ensure that you shortlist react native app developers who can perform multiple testing methods to prevent the app from crashing or failure. The developers should understand that the slightest glitch can degrade your app’s performance and impression among users; hence, do strict logging, security, and performance checks. 

Capability to Optimize App’s Performance

Entrepreneurs are suggested to hire dedicated react native developers who possess the skills like app performance optimization, and interactivity irrespective of the user’s device can be the best fit for your project. Moreover, it is also necessary for trained developers to have a strong command over traits like navigator UI and managing UI to reduce animation size, and so on. While no developer purposely destabilizes the app’s performance, it’s all about the experience.

Vigorously Work for Third-party Integrations

Another benefit offered by react native is that it allows easy integration of the third-party tool with native features. Also, it helps to add premade widgets and plugins instead of building elements from scratch. It is recommended to hire dedicated react native developers who can work on effective integration in the best possible way. Look for a developer who can work on constant updates and focus on integrating third-party API services.

Adaptability and Willingness to Learn New Technologies

The developer’s willingness to discover market trends and community engagement play a pivotal role. A flexible learning curve of an app developer will create room for personal growth, which will ultimately impact the project’s progress. Be it junior, middle, or senior-level developers, taking their opinion about the future of technology will eventually bring forth the suitable candidate. Entrepreneurs should hire react native app developers who believe in exploring new technologies and adapt to the market changes according to constantly changing customer demands.

Final Thought!

A certified and experienced developer can be identified through the traits showcased in their portfolio. It becomes the best source to know the developer’s past work experiences, domains they have worked on, and their diversified exposure toward app development trends. 

If you are planning to start your dream project, then you have landed at the right place. Team mTraction Enterprise extends its react native app development services on a global scale. We help companies to develop productive mobile app solutions that cater to diversified business needs. Contact us to convert your mobile app idea into a perfect business solution.

An In-Depth Guide to Hiring React Native Developers

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