Audience Engagement: The App Eco-system for Brand Success


Welcome back… I tried and shared some views on Engagement Marketing .We are on a crazy, wild ride where we always want to connect with more people to serve them with our services in a process to map out the future prospects and increase our consumer base. This is a need of the hour that we have to step up and drive the change towards an engagement model in order to create a continuous and legitimate consumer relationship.

Mobile apps are becoming a legitimate revenue driver for brands. Some of the leading consumer companies in the world are building entire fleet of mobile apps. These apps are built with motive being used as a branding engagement tool when it comes to their consumer but also as a tool to reach to their target audiences. Recently a research study conducted by Indiana University reported that interactive apps for mobile devices are becoming the best means for advertising. These apps can increase engagement, approbation and purchase intentions.

More a brand uses a mobile app as an engagement tool, better its relationship with its consumers as well as target audiences become. E-commerce industry for example can use location based services to enable special offers, vouchers, product descriptions and consumer reviews to achieve better conversion rates. The mobile usage has also increased a lot around the globe as a way to engage on a personal level with new customers in emerging markets.

R-targeting process to generate audience in app ecosystem is way more complex as compared to web. The mobile app has strengthened brands ability to connect and reach consumers at any time of the day. This cannot be overlooked. The apps ecosystem has proved to be a real game changer in past few years when it comes to E-commerce and online retail. As survey reports says, India has a mobile customer base of 951 million, of which 87 million Indians are accessing internet using their mobile phones and app users worldwide are 1.2 billion out of 4.4 billion internet users(according to Portio Research, 2013). Mobile integration depends on relevant audience targeting that helps brands to recognize and engage with their TG successfully.

Leading online retailers like Flipkart have been noticing major changes in their consumer behavior as well as web analytics, reason being their disruptive mobile marketing strategies. More than 20 percent of their orders are coming from mobile currently. And lot of mobile users, who place orders, are from non-metro cities as reported by company’s Director (Mobile Marketing) Mausam Bhatt. Other major brands like the sports footwear and apparel manufacturing giant, Nike, developed the Nike+ Running app. United Parcel Services of America (UPS) one of the leading courier companies in the world and have millions of users around the globe ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies also developed a mobile app to facilitate its costumer base. Domino’s Pizza also has one of the most successful Android and iPhone apps in the food and beverage industry (1,000,000+ downloads, 230,000 5-star reviews on Android). The point which entices interests in me here is that despite the wide variety of consumers availing their services, they came up with an app. But the why is it so?

Every brand marketer today is having a mobile app as #1 priority on his to-do list. Brands consider an app as a direct means to interact with their customers. They now want to interact with the users all the time rather than just creating their web presence & interacting with them once in a while. Brands today are very much particular about their mobile strategy and most of the times give it a preference upon their other digital properties. In the fight for attention, the brand with incredible custom apps, the most consumer installs and intelligent use of location geo-fencing will dominate brands who have neglected their mobile strategy. With brands having their own apps and proper mobile strategy, mobile ads now a days are playing a significant role in helping brands reach out to the right set of TG in the right way.

In the coming years, we will come across many new amazing innovations in the world of mobile and new ways of mobile can solve the puzzle that is branding. With wearable tech and rich media ad formats its really becoming more and more interesting day after day after day. And so we at Affle AppStudioz too are looking forward at updating you with some new trends in mobile and branding space.


Sources :- Economic times, Portio Research study 2013, BettiBlue, Mentormate & HBR.

Audience Engagement: The App Eco-system for Brand Success

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