Top 7 Mobile App Development Frameworks 2022 – A Go-To Guide!


Having a mobile presence has become a must for the survival of any business. Mobility is continuously improving and transforming industries in multiple ways across the globe. Hence, the companies following the mobile-first approach are receiving ever-increasing growth and user attention. Accordingly, businesses are investing in the best mobile app development frameworks to create and deploy applications that satisfy their business objectives.

The mobile app frameworks are the tools that are gaining massive popularity on a global scale to build simplistic yet engaging mobile apps. It reduces the time and efforts in app development and streamlines the mobile app development strategy. As a large number of audiences rely on mobile devices for their day-to-day needs and different purposes like entertainment, gaming, health consultation, food ordering, etc., the demand for the mobile app is growing expeditiously.

As per Grand View Research, the global mobile app market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.4% from 2022 to 2030. The report clearly demonstrates the increasing demand for mobile applications. Hence the mobile app frameworks are gaining endless attention from techies and entrepreneurs to create mobile apps in the least possible time and on a pocket-friendly budget.

What are Mobile App Development Frameworks?

Frameworks for mobile app development are software created to build interactive mobile apps with less hassle. The mobile app frameworks provide a fundamental structure and environment to develop an app without using complex computer programing languages.

The frameworks are primarily categorized into three parts: native frameworks for platform-specific development, mobile web app frameworks, and cross-platform frameworks for hybrid app development. The frameworks act as a reusable software environment with many tools, APIs, and debugging tools that facilitate the developer’s task.

Top 7 Mobile App Development Frameworks and Their Significant Features

1. React Native

React Native was rolled out by Facebook that has been widely accepted by businesses and mobile app developers across the globe. Fast development and app deployment are the two core reasons behind the universal adoption of react native app development.

The frameworks allow developers to build an application with a native look and feel for Android and iOS platforms. The cross-platform mobile app development with a single code base is the uniqueness of this framework. Some notable brands like Tesla, Airbnb, Skype, and Amazon Prime are the best examples of react native applications.

React Native Mobile App Development Frameworks

2. Flutter

Being Google’s UI toolkit, Flutter enables visually appealing, native-like mobile app development. This is one of the most versatile and open-source frameworks for mobile app development. It helps to restructure the existing mobile application or create a new one in the least possible time. The benefits of Flutter are not limited to its outlook and offer an astonishing performance rate.

Flutter offers widgets that account for all paramount platform variations, including navigation, scrolling, icons, fonts, and removes the need for platform-specific UI components. The framework utilizes Skia and 2D rendering engine, for visual development. Google Ads, Hamilton, and SpaceX Go, are a few examples of flutter-based mobile applications.

Flutter Mobile App Development Frameworks

3. Ionic

Ionic is the best framework for app development which is free to use for every individual. The framework is based on Angular and Apache Cordova. It facilitates cross-platform mobile app development for different platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. The mobile apps based on Ionic are robust and scalable in nature and offer remarkable performance.

It permits app developers to integrate UI elements like filters, action sheets, views, navigation menus, etc., for eye-catching app design. Ionic is one of the most prominent mobile app development frameworks for developers having experience hand on coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. Moreover, it is mainly chosen by entrepreneurs looking for hybrid or progressive web app development.

ionic app development framework

4. Xamarin

Owned by Microsoft, Xamarin is an open-source framework used to build native mobile applications for macOS, Android, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. The frameworks utilize .NET and c# programming languages. Entrepreneurs opt for this framework for native performance and intuitive user experience.

Xamarin supports the abstraction layers that monitor and control the communication between source code and platform code. It aids developers in building an ecosystem with back-end, API, etc. Also, the framework has strong community support, tools, libraries, and a programming language that removes the road blockers in the mobile app development process.

Xamarin Mobile App Framework

React Native v/s Xamarin – which one is the best framework for mobile app development?

React Native v/s Xamarin is a close competition as both are equally prominent to create native-like app development. Competitively, Xamarin offers faster code on Android and iOS than React Native.

5. Corona

Corona is one of the most popular cross-platform mobile application development frameworks primarily used to support and build gaming applications. The framework offers bespoke graphic quality and visuals that offer a delightful customer experience. It streamlines the lightweight and easy-to-use mobile app development.

Corona is well suited to developing an app that can perform on both desktop and mobile devices and is capable of getting featured on Apple TV, Fire Tv, and Android TV. Moreover, it comes with an interesting real-time testing feature on your preferred devices. The immediate post-release update of the app is also one of its highly recognized features.

corona app framework

6. Cocoa Touch

Cocoa Touch is specifically designed to cater to iOS mobile app development needs included in iOS SDK. It is globally supported by all Apple devices. Its auto-layout feature makes it the most tempting framework for iOS app development companies, especially those based in the USA. It raises the multitasking facilities and backing gesture recognition. The Cocoa Touch-based mobile app needs minimal coding efforts.

It offers captivating features like networking, animation, and appearance that can be automatically adopted. It simply means that you do not need to be a coding expert and have a master’s in any specific programming language to work on this framework. Candidates with less coding knowledge can create flawless apps using this remarkable framework as it also offers easy-to-use user interfaces such as navigation bars, switch controls, etc.

7. NativeScript

As the name implies, the NativeScript framework is used to build native mobile applications for both Android and iOS. The framework offers several benefits like low cost, less maintenance, and increased reusability, making it the most desirable and best framework for app development. It supports numerous tools which are easy to use and requires fewer web skills ensuring a fantastic user experience. Also, this go-to frameworks for mobile app development offer robust back-end support to quickly answer business queries.

Factors To Consider For Mobile App Framework

Concluding Thought!

Before choosing frameworks for mobile app development, understand what features and functionalities you expect from your app. You need to fix the battle between native v/s hybrid app development for your business. Depending upon your requirements, go with the frameworks that satisfy your needs. To narrow your search, we have listed the top mobile app development frameworks for your reference.

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Top 7 Mobile App Development Frameworks 2022 – A Go-To Guide!

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