UX Matters: Five Ways UX Influences Your Mobile App’s Success


As leading mobile app makers we know how difficult it is to tackle the competition.

If you have an app idea, the app stores already have an app based on that idea. But what truly separates a popular app from a zombie on the app stores is the user base and user engagement.
To have both these factors work in your favor you need to have a great user experience working for you.
Before we tell you how user behavior can influence your user base let’s cover the basics:

So, What is UX?

Wikipedia defines UX as the following:

User experience (UX) involves a person’s behaviors, attitudes, and emotions about using a particular product, system, or service. 

UX  covers the emotional and psychological responsiveness of your user to your application. How is that going to help? Read On!

1. A Great UX Increases User Engagement:
If your app is emotionally intelligent and strikes a chord with the users they will keep coming back to using the application. Increased user engagement means that your brand will start to build a loyal following that will only spread. This is particularly true for connectivity apps and messenger apps. The popularity of these apps spreads word of mouth, like it has worked for Whatsapp, now with 900 million monthly active users, the more the people using them loyally the more the following spreads. 

2. A Great UX Can Help in eCommerce App Sales:

If you have your CTA buttons placed based on the intuition of how the users make the purchasing decisions you will sell more. Also, there are certain persuasive methods to write copy and use images to give the user a better experience and hence win more conversions.

source: post modern marketing
3. A Great UX aids In – App Monetization:

If you use In-App ads and Freemium plans to monetize your app, you should try and understand the user’s expectations and requirements. If you are targeting a gaming app audience with a PPC (pay per click) ad campaign for home décor products you might not win a lot of revenue from clicks. Similarly, when to throw an advertisement at the user is also part of understanding and implementing UX for better results.

4. A Great UX means Less Need for Support and Updates:

Usually, mobile apps improvise over a period of time. By that time the users are either already annoyed by the lacking or they are used to it. Even while including on-boarding sessions one should determine the targeted user base they cater to and design an effective and impressive user experience.

5. A Great UX Avoids App Un-installation:

The lack of a good UX can result in a frustrating experience for the user and it doesn’t take very long for the user to withdraw from your app. In fact, a study claims that as low as 16 percent of people will try an app more than twice before they uninstall it. That means you have very little time to make an impression and can’t afford to lose out because of the ambiguous app interactions and functions.

So now that you know what we know about user behavior, make sure that you get the best user behavior insights and analysis for your apps. We are always happy to help! 


UX Matters: Five Ways UX Influences Your Mobile App’s Success

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