Are you making some of these big app monetization mistakes? (Part2)


Mobile App developers and marketers often struggle with marketing and monetizing their apps. Unfortunately, too many app developers are taking a risky and ambiguous approach to app monetization. Are you making some of these big app monetization mistakes? If you missed Part 1, don’t worry – it’s here- App Monetization Mistakes (Part1)
4. Interfering advertising with game play:
Mobile advertising is one of the most common and an ideal way to make money from free apps. As you can monetize the value of all those eyeballs appearing at the screen while users use your app, especially games. The problem arises when ads overwhelm the user experience, especially while playing games. So while doing these some of the developers do app monetization mistakes. If we play ads between levels, and let it not interrupt the user’s immediate experience with the game, we can solve our purpose of placing ads without annoying users. However, if your ads are badly situated within your game, you might be infuriating your users and driving them away. Interference due to advertising makes your users more likely to dislike and stop using your app, which in turn, causing you to stop getting revenue from mobile ads.
5. Wrong consumer expectations – “over-promise and under-deliver”


There’s an appropriate space allocated for adding description i.e. What your app is? How it works?, and Why should they download it? for every app. For making an app successful, its appropriate description and catchy title is one of the most important step of app marketing strategies. App developers and publishers are needed to set expectations from their apps. But, be sure and don’t commit too much or make any exaggerated or false statements. If there are features and functionalities that your app does NOT include and your competitor app has, it should not be added there. As if your users have high expectations for your app and your app falls short on delivering, then your app is more likely to get bad reviews, leading to missed opportunities and lower revenues and may affect your future apps as well.
6. Setting overinflated value of your app:
As we discussed in our previous point that – Be honest with your customers. But in these stage also some developers made some app monetization mistakes, so be aware from those. Before being honest to your customers you need to be honest with yourself as well. Before you start planning to market your app, ask yourself – “Just how good your app is?” or “Why will people be willing to pay for it? (if paid)”. Many app developers and publishers have overinflated expectations about their app’s value and have set impractical expectations for how much money their app is going to earn. Don’t try to sell your app just for the sake of picking a number.
 7. Ignoring app analytics:
Not taking advantage of analytics for your marketing plans means you are “flying blind” in the mobile app marketing world. App Analytics is one of the most important methods to track and plan your marketing strategy. With proper analytics implementation, you can know about your user demographics, their age groups, their gender and their countries. These statistics will help you track users behavior and measure users responses to app marketing. This helps you in finding out what works, and fix what doesn’t work. And, then you can optimize your app marketing strategy to get closer to earning more downloads and making more money out of it.
Are you one of the app developers who is making any or all of the above mentioned mistakes? If yes, it’s not too late because every mistake is taking you away from a big success. Even if you’re making every one of these big app monetization mistakes, there is plenty of time to change your marketing strategy and monetization methods.

Are you making some of these big app monetization mistakes? (Part2)

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